Readings Testimonials ♡♡♡ "Everything in your reading resonates!!!!! You are exceptional. Every word is to the point. You are very very good. Thank you from my heart." - Vesna ♡♡♡ "Once in a great while you come across a stunning, mystical reader so deeply connected to the Heavenly realm, who provides readings that are truly invaluable and shine above the rest... not for just a day or a week, but as potentially life-altering understandings. I have found this to be absolutely true again and again with Mia Filatov! For over six years, Mia has provided consistently accurate messages with profound messages of angelic direction and understanding, and always with such exciting and unique perspectives that I always cannot wait to see what comes through her!! To this day, I will go back and read messages that leave me wide eyed as to their unfolding depth and astounding accuracy. There were times she'd say something completely off my "radar," and yet I will have confirmation of it even that very day! Mia is extremely bright and gifted, gentle and yet so powerful, and she is clearly chosen to be a most loving messenger for the Heavens to help people who are looking for direction and understanding in their lives, especially during these times where guidance is needed more than ever. " - Mary ♡♡♡ "Oh my goodness, Mia, you are spot on! After I read your message I read it to my husband without giving any of my own thoughts at first, and he responded with, "that's exactly you!" (...) You're so amazing! I'm blown away at how very spot on you are. I don't have words to express the comfort I feel having the very obvious reminder today that I'm not doing this alone, that my team is totally there every step of the way. You've given me such an incredible gift. You are so amazing. This message was needed & healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you; I am incredibly grateful. So much love to you!!" - Kristin ♡♡♡ "Thank you so much! That was wonderful to hear that connecting with my energy is relaxing. As for the friend, that was the confirmation I needed to get in touch with him and cut ties. I was on the fence about it, and your words were part of what I needed to finally take the leap! Thank you again, Mia!" - Melissa " I have had the pleasure of knowing Mia for a few months now, and count her among my most cherished friends. We met over a spiritual platform and connected instantly. And since then, every time I have had some questions in my own life, for which I needed further guidance, I would turn to Mia. Her energies are pure love and her readings are spot-on. Please reach out to her anytime you find yourself having questions about yourself." - Sanjuktha ♡♡♡